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Yoga Bag by Project_Sweat

Yoga bag by Project_Sweat

So you’re looking for a yoga bag?

But you’re not looking for any old bag; you’re looking for the best yoga bag in the UK. The perfect gym partner. We’re with you – and it’s not an easy task. With 1000’s of options out there – where do you even start?

Ask yourself: What is the best yoga bag?

Well first of all you do want a yoga bag that is designed to fit with your active lifestyle:

  • Practical: No more plastic bags after your workout

  • Functional: Sweat-proof, splash-proof and hygienic


Yoga bag: empowering women around the world

Why is our yoga bag different from other yoga bags? Our label says it all. We’ve put women at the centre of what we do. Our bags aren’t just a design statement - they’re a statement for supporting women globally.

Half of all our profits go to two amazing charities empowering women. 25% goes to Pathways for Promise provides a bridge for highly talented women to claim the education that is well within their right but not within their means. The rest goes to the Central Saint Martins Hardship Fund to educate a new generation of female designers and artists..

Project_Sweat calls for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by women. By buying our yoga bag you are supporting our two partner charities in empowering women:

  • Pathways for Promise. An initiative of the Asian University for Women, which provides free education to high-potential South Asian garment factory workers. The programme identifies high-potential clothing factory workers and provides them with the academic and financial support they need to become the next future leaders.

  • Central Saint Martins Hardship Fund. This is a fund students can apply to in order to help receive the training and support they need when they are in financial need.

Watch this beautiful short video to understand what your donation can achieve.


A yoga bag and so much more

What’s in your yoga bag?

Our users pack their workout gear, like leggings and tops, a towel, or any other yoga essentials. But it can also be used to organize your suitcase, store toiletries or keep your phone or purse discreetly with you whilst you work out.

The Yoga Bag by Project_Sweat is:

  • small and lightweight

  • waterproof and splashproof

  • airtight to trap any smell

  • eco-friendly

  • stylish

  • multi-purpose


Small Yoga Bag

Our women's yoga bags are small but spacious. Compact & Lightweight - folds away in your bag. Whether you're new to the practice or have been perfecting poses for years, our yoga bags are perfect for any yogi because they are small.

Packing light, packing tight, packing right: Toss in your towel, toiletries, training gear or any other workout essentials. Keep your workout heavy and your gym bag light. Feel free to get your sweat on.

Waterproof Yoga Bag

Our quality yoga bag is waterproof. Designed to keep your dry things dry, or your wet stuff stored away safely. Stash your sweaty workout gear in the bag. Let out any excess air and close the waterproof zip. Store in your handbag all day and when home drop your kit in the wash with your bag.

“Our waterproof bags will tidily enclose your wet swimsuit.”

Project_Sweat yoga bags are designed to fully enclose damp swimsuits or sweaty activewear. They are composed of a three-layer bonded fabric with no breathability, ensuring any moisture stays inside the bag, while the welded seams prevent any leakage and trapping any unwanted smell. Stuff your spandex, and sticky sportswear while keeping the other contents of your bag from becoming annoyingly damp.

With a water-resistant finish, any water that comes into contact with the bag's surface is also repelled.

Stylish Yoga Bag

Get heads turning in the changing rooms.

The ideal Yoga bag is also the most stylish amongst yoga bags. It’s not just a nice yoga bag: is puts some colour in your workout. We work with luxurious fabrics ingeniously designed by Central Saint Martins BA Textile Design graduates. Every one of their pieces was ready to be hung in the galleries of London, or fit to be sold on the shelves of Selfridges.

“Our yoga bag is serving as a canvas for their art. “

Check out their designs:

”We like to inspire with our yoga bag art. Just like yoga is all about inner peace, we believe that art is a way to make our everyday surroundings a more happy place.”

Eco-friendly Yoga bag

Why do you need a quality yoga bag? To save the environment?

It's not always easy to find yoga bags that are eco-friendly, and people-friendly. Project_Sweat is designed to do both, social and environmental impact. The smallest choices can make a big difference. Ditch your single use plastic bags and stash your gym kit in something more durable and sustainable.

The yoga bag by Project_Sweat is an eco-friendly choice. Our yoga bag will not only brighten up your yoga practice, but do so while leaving a very small footprint.

Multi-purpose Yoga Bag

Your gym game will never be the same. Project_Sweat yoga bag is a unique bag for lots of purposes:

You can use our Yoga Bag for swimming or surfing. It’s alsof the ultimate Yoga bag for athletes when you want to store trainers and need to pack light. Or use it as a handy yoga travel bag. Whether you're visiting the beach, the lake, or the park, you can use this bag to bring everything you need for your active lifestyle.

A very practical and versatile bag.

“Whatever your workout, don’t sweat it”


Where to buy yoga bag by Project_Sweat

You can buy the yoga bag online. But they are also stocked in our favourite places to sweat in the UK:

Yoga bag price: £39.00

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