Project_sweat is a social enterprise with a clear vision 

We work towards a world with empowered women through easy access to education. We follow our path by making and selling beautifully designed products. From the very first day we were focused on creating a bridge through art and design.

Our bags carry unique prints designed by female designers who recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Young, passionate and full of inspiration they are at the start of their own careers to apply their skills and contribute to a more equitable society. We wanted to make sure that right from the start their art gets shown to a wide audience. We want to tell the story of the incredible amount of talent and creativity which is being cultivated at Central Saint Martins. 

“We want to inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs”

On the other side of our bridge are the women in South-East Asia who work in the fashion supply chain. Women who often never get to dream of such a beautiful education as we sometimes can take for granted. There are women who don’t get a chance to finish school, let alone continue to higher education. Many barriers stand in the way, not least the pressure from families to start working form an early age. Once in full-time employment it is even harder to take time out for self-development or to start a university degree.

Pathways for Promise is a preparatory program at Asian University for Women (AUW) that focuses on remedial education. This program provides a bridge for highly talented women to claim the education that is well within their right but not within their means.

Two charity partners receiving 50% of all profits

In order to achieve our goals we support two charities. 25% of our profits are donated to the Central Saint Martins Hardship Fund. This is a fund students can apply to in order to help receive the training and support they need when they are in financial need. An additional 25% of our profits is donated to Pathways for Promise – an initiative of the Asian University for Women, which provides free education to high-potential South Asian garment factory workers. It is the first programme of its kind, offering full scholarships to exceptional female workers to earn Bachelor’s degrees, provide skills and knowledge and increase work opportunities.


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 About Asian University for Women

“Founded in 2008 and located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, Asian University for Women is the first of its kind: a regional institution dedicated to women’s education and leadership development – international in outlook but rooted in the contexts and aspirations of the people of Asia. AUW exists solely to support a rising network of women leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers from across the region.

It seeks out women who have significant academic potential, demonstrate courage and a sense of outrage at injustice, and are empathic to the woes of other people. Students from 17 countries attend AUW. More than 72% of AUW students are on full or near-full scholarships funded by donors from around the world.

A majority of AUW graduates secure employment in the private and public sectors of their home countries, while about 25% go on to pursue graduate studies at elite institutions including Oxford, Stanford, Columbia, New York University, Surrey, SOAS, and Ewha, among others.

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